Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SPT-Laugh at Something Borrowed, May 19th

Back in January I was diagnosed with dumping syndrome. Not a pretty name/even worse disorder. Most victims of this illness have recently had gastric bypass surgery. I am the exception to the rule. I just have it. Medication and treatment keep it under control most of the time. The treatment involves laying down after each meal. If I stayed home all day every day, this would not pose a problem. Working full time did pose a slight problem.
We are all out of beds and couches at our office. I was not sure how this was going to happen. A friend here at work heard about my dilemma and came to the rescue. She loaned me this chair. It is a zero gravity chair (which does not mean it floats). It is designed for people with back problems. It is light weight and folds flat for storage. What a blessing it has been.
Of course, our offices are being remodeled. My new problem is finding a place to unfold my chair and lay down. Many days you will find me wandering the halls during lunch dragging my chair behind me looking for an empty room. Eventually I find one. Because empty rooms don't stay empty long, I have startled a few people as they entered the room. The look on their faces is cause for laughter. I will have this disorder forever. I have altered my life to accomodate this illness. I could cry, but I choose to laugh. Laugh with me.

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