Friday, October 16, 2009

Laugh at the joy of a Miracle

Miracles still happen. I experienced one last night I just have to share. I'm married to a wonderful husband (that might be a miracle, but not the one I want to talk about today). He loves me and provides for me. He rarely says no when I really want something. However, for 3 years he has said no to another dog. We have 2 outdoor dogs, but it's just not the same. I was looking for a dog who would sit in my lap, greet me at the door, and tell me when it needed to relieve itself. Over the years I sent Rob many pictures of adorable dogs in need of adoption. To each one he said no. We don't need another dog...we are gone too often...the other dogs would be jealous...who would train it...he was good with his reasons for saying no. I, however, was not going to give up. I continued to send cute little pictures and drop mamoth sized hints. I asked for one for graduation, Christmas, our anniversary, and my birthday. I got nice things for those occasions, but nothing that barked and had a tail that wagged.

This brings me to last night. After a long night of class (killer accounting), I got home, showered, and Rob insisted we go to Matthew and Deb's house (my son and daughter in law). I love to see them because they are 2 of my favorite people in the world, but not dressed in my pajamas with wet hair. He insisted, so I finally agreed. We walked into their house (of course I knocked. You don't think I'm one of THOSE mothers) to find 2 beautiful dauschunds running around. After 20 minutes of playing with them, thinking they were Matt and Debs, Rob finally told me the girl was ours. Yes, a miracle occurred in our little corner of Oklahoma City last night. It may not have made the local news, but it changed my life forever. I have a beautiful new dog. We named her Annabelle. The other dogs will adjust. Rob will adjust. Annabelle will find more love than she thought possible. And I still believe in miracles. If you're still waiting on a miracle, laugh, knowing it may be just around the corner.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Laugh when you're lost in Oklahoma City-AGAIN

For the average person, getting in a car and driving to a destination is not a difficult task. I am not an average person. I have not been clinically diagnosed, only because I don't think they have a test for it, but I am directionally challenged and the degree is severe.

I recently attempted to visit a friend who had moved downtown. I got directions, got in my car, and headed out. After 30 minutes on the innerstate, I called to ask why her particular exit never appeared. To my horror, she told me I was on the wrong side of downtown. I wasn't sure where the wrong side was, but it sounded scary. She eventually led to the right side of downtown and to her street. The problem was, she lived on a one way street and we couldn't get me far enough in one direction to get to her part of the street in the other direction (no wonder I have problems). I eventually made it, then proceeded to get lost on the way home.

I made a second attempt to visit her last week. This time I was armed and ready. I had a map made by my good friend Monti, my glasses, and my cell phone. The problem becomes when I have to put my glasses on to see the map, but have to take them off to see the road, then put them back on again to see the cell phone, then take them off to see the road, get the picture. My life is just a series of ridiculous moments followed by laughter (and believe me everyone gets a good laugh).
By the way, I drove right to my friends house this time. I did not, however, ask for a map of the return trip. I once again found myself in unfamiliar territory. I called my son from my trusty cell phone and he led me to familiar territory, which is about 6 blocks from the house=).

Thursday, August 20, 2009

December 21, 2009, is the anticipated day my very first grandchild will arrive. We were blessed to attend an ultrasound and see a live picture of him. OK, so we had to squint sometimes to know what we were looking at. The tech named different parts as she passed by them. Grant was kind enough to prove to us once again he is a boy. We appreciated that. I am dizzy right now from experiencing the circle of life.

Grandmas are suppose to have grey hair, be able to cook delicious food, and be available 24 hours a day. How can I be a grandma. I have brown hair (O.K., there's a little grey in there, but that will be our little secret), my cooking leaves my family begging for take out, and I am working full time AND going to school.

But...I am young enough to run and play with Grant, I am working enough to afford many trips to McDonalds, and school will not last forever. Maybe I'll work out O.K. after all. My husband Rob already fits the grandpa role quite well. Grant WILL have the best parents in the world, of that I am certain. He will be surrounded by many incredible aunts and uncles. He has another set of grandparents who are amazing. He has great grandparents who are still young and fun.

O.K. Grant, I think we're ready. We will all anxiously wait for December.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My baby is 16!

How could I let this happen. Just last year I was chasing a toddler around the house, changing her diapers, playing polly pockets with her. Today she is 16 years old. Now I must face the terrifying 3 D's; Driving, Dating, and Dependence.

Driving: She is learning to drive, but has not yet mastered it enough to take the test. 2 years sounds like a proper amount of training time.

Dating: She has no interest in dating at this point, for which I am most grateful. She says she is not spiritually or emotionally mature enough for a relationship; nor does she have the time. Thank you Lord for a wise girl. If that attitude could last through college graduation, I would be most grateful.

Dependence: Dependence is always bitter sweet. She manages her own checking and savings account, does odd jobs for extra income, makes decisions about her classes, and manages her own time to a large degree. I know, however, the tug and pull of future decisions will soon be upon us. Lord, help me to be wise.

I'm still not sure how it's possible to wake up one day to grown children, but here we are. We are blessed, and she will be fine. It's me and her dad I'm worried about!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First day of Homeschool Co-op

We were up early and preparing for my daughters 1st day of co-op. It's her junior year. The rain poured as we swam to the car. I handed her the keys, not because I want her learning to drive in the rain, but because she has to learn to drive in the rain. We arrived on time, and the great reunion began. Groups of children congregated, hugged, and shared about their summers as they compared clothing styles and hair color. Over a hundred children and parents began unloading school supplies, children, and teaching supplies. The excitement was intense.

Since I work full time, I help the co-op in creative ways. This year, my assignment is bathroom duty. Getting the bathrooms in order and stocking toilet paper and paper towels may not seem like a big job to you, but I realize the importance and will take my job very seriously. Going to the bathroom only to find you have no toilet paper can be traumatic. Washing your hands and finding an empty paper towel dispenser can leave you with wet hand prints and your pants.

Of course I wish I was a lead teacher in a big class full of eager learners. My full time job is a necessary blessing, and they are very understanding, but missing a full day each week would not go over well. So I will enjoy my bathroom duty. I will be the best supplier of tiolet paper to ever darken their doors. Then I will get in my car and head to work, leaving over a hundred happy children behind, knowing their trips to the bathroom will be good experiences.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Laugh when you are too tired to move a muscle

Haven't written in awhile. Not because nothing humerous is going on in my life. I'm just so tired. Tired like when you get a flat tire in 110 degree weather and have to change it (not that I could actually change a tire). Tired like when you run 3 blocks to catch your run away dog who ends up right back in your front yard. Tired like a crazy person who decided to work full time and do the master's program.
I think I could sleep standing up in a tornado (which is not entirely unlikely in Oklahoma). But there is no time. So for now, I will just be tired. I will dream of a day in the near future when I can wake up when my body wants me to. A day when I can lounge in my pajamas, eat breakfast at lunch, and watch reruns of Monk all day. A day when the homework isn't due, the dog stays home, and the car is safely parked in the driveway.
May all of you enjoy the hours of sleep to restore your body and laugh at the fact that we can still function on 3 hours instead of 8! Laugh with me.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Laugh when someone points out the obvious to you!

I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent human being. In some circles, I may even be considered smart. Common sense, however, sometimes evades me, and I am left looking I was robbed of my common sense.

Take, for example, the most recent time I ran out of gas (yes it is a frequent occurance but in my defense, the gas guage is broken). I was only two blocks from the house. I was able to pull up next to a curve. We were pressed for time, so I called Rob to see what he wanted me to do. He said he would just come and pick me up and we would head out to our appointment.

When he arrived, I got in his car. My question to him was, "Are you sure it's OK to leave the car here?" His response to me was, "It's out of gas, Rhonda. Who is going to steal it?"

Ask me about disease symptoms and cures...ask me about grammar and punctuation...ask me questions about the Bible...but don't expect me to be guided by this mysterious thing called common sense.

I have excuses for this lack in my life. I have too much going on, lack of sleep, Oklahoma is a highter altitude than Texas, I chew too much gum, I get too much sun, I don't get enough sun, it's too windy outside...

I am now in a Masters program. Among many things I hope to gain over the coming months, I hope a large dose of good common sense sinks in. Of course, I'm not sure what I would write about if I had it all together. I'm not sure what my family would laugh about.

Until that time comes, I will laugh at the obvious that I seem to miss. I am satisfied in knowing the many health benefits of laughter. Laugh with me.