Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Laugh when you're lost in Oklahoma City-AGAIN

For the average person, getting in a car and driving to a destination is not a difficult task. I am not an average person. I have not been clinically diagnosed, only because I don't think they have a test for it, but I am directionally challenged and the degree is severe.

I recently attempted to visit a friend who had moved downtown. I got directions, got in my car, and headed out. After 30 minutes on the innerstate, I called to ask why her particular exit never appeared. To my horror, she told me I was on the wrong side of downtown. I wasn't sure where the wrong side was, but it sounded scary. She eventually led to the right side of downtown and to her street. The problem was, she lived on a one way street and we couldn't get me far enough in one direction to get to her part of the street in the other direction (no wonder I have problems). I eventually made it, then proceeded to get lost on the way home.

I made a second attempt to visit her last week. This time I was armed and ready. I had a map made by my good friend Monti, my glasses, and my cell phone. The problem becomes when I have to put my glasses on to see the map, but have to take them off to see the road, then put them back on again to see the cell phone, then take them off to see the road, get the picture. My life is just a series of ridiculous moments followed by laughter (and believe me everyone gets a good laugh).
By the way, I drove right to my friends house this time. I did not, however, ask for a map of the return trip. I once again found myself in unfamiliar territory. I called my son from my trusty cell phone and he led me to familiar territory, which is about 6 blocks from the house=).