Friday, May 8, 2009

Laugh when the new exercise video comes in!

Here I go exercise video. But this was not going to be like all the others. After all, the friend who told me about it is in great shape (although she was probably born with those defined muscles). I don't want a body like Nicole Kidman, I just want to be strong enough to carry a gallon of milk from the car to the refrigerator.

My husband asked what had been charged from I had to tell the truth. He responded with a rolling of the eyes. I was so glad he did not say what he was thinking. His thoughts may have gone something like this...why do we have an exercise bike, a Gazelle, and a Total Gym in the garage, not to mention the library of dvd's entitled Buns of Steele, Abs of the Alps, Arms that don't wave twice.

I started this video a couple days ago. The woman leading the video, the one who talks and walks around while we sweat and die, is from The Biggest Loser. She is a mean woman. She has no sympathy. I make it through 1/2 of the routine before falling to the floor in a heap. Noelle, my 15 year old, kept saying "Mom, are you O.K." My mouth was as tired as the rest of me. I managed to utter a small yes.

Last night was the second time doing this routine. I was determined. I talked Noelle into doing it with me. She lasted 5 minutes. I decided not to let the mean woman intimidate me. She probably grew up with a bunch of brothers, or came from a rough home. Though at times I wanted to die; Though I often saw those spots in front of my eyes; Though my legs were like jello; I did it. 20 minutes of nonstop brutality. I was so proud. My daughter was again standing over me asking if I was OK. My husband, who sat in his chair on the laptop the whole time said a weak "good job, honey."

I will face this giant again tonight. The good news is I am determined. The bad news is I am only on the first of 3 levels. My hope is that this too will not fade into the library of dvds of the past. It will not join the exercise equipment graveyard of my house. And most of all, I will be strong enough to carry that gallon of milk to it's destination swiftly and effortlessly. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Congratulations--Now go have a 1000 calorie lunch or something.