Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First day of Homeschool Co-op

We were up early and preparing for my daughters 1st day of co-op. It's her junior year. The rain poured as we swam to the car. I handed her the keys, not because I want her learning to drive in the rain, but because she has to learn to drive in the rain. We arrived on time, and the great reunion began. Groups of children congregated, hugged, and shared about their summers as they compared clothing styles and hair color. Over a hundred children and parents began unloading school supplies, children, and teaching supplies. The excitement was intense.

Since I work full time, I help the co-op in creative ways. This year, my assignment is bathroom duty. Getting the bathrooms in order and stocking toilet paper and paper towels may not seem like a big job to you, but I realize the importance and will take my job very seriously. Going to the bathroom only to find you have no toilet paper can be traumatic. Washing your hands and finding an empty paper towel dispenser can leave you with wet hand prints and your pants.

Of course I wish I was a lead teacher in a big class full of eager learners. My full time job is a necessary blessing, and they are very understanding, but missing a full day each week would not go over well. So I will enjoy my bathroom duty. I will be the best supplier of tiolet paper to ever darken their doors. Then I will get in my car and head to work, leaving over a hundred happy children behind, knowing their trips to the bathroom will be good experiences.

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  1. For all you do...we toilet paper roll salute you. Do you like the under the roll or the over the roll salute? Good job you dedicated volunteer you!!