Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Laugh when you are too tired to move a muscle

Haven't written in awhile. Not because nothing humerous is going on in my life. I'm just so tired. Tired like when you get a flat tire in 110 degree weather and have to change it (not that I could actually change a tire). Tired like when you run 3 blocks to catch your run away dog who ends up right back in your front yard. Tired like a crazy person who decided to work full time and do the master's program.
I think I could sleep standing up in a tornado (which is not entirely unlikely in Oklahoma). But there is no time. So for now, I will just be tired. I will dream of a day in the near future when I can wake up when my body wants me to. A day when I can lounge in my pajamas, eat breakfast at lunch, and watch reruns of Monk all day. A day when the homework isn't due, the dog stays home, and the car is safely parked in the driveway.
May all of you enjoy the hours of sleep to restore your body and laugh at the fact that we can still function on 3 hours instead of 8! Laugh with me.

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