Thursday, April 30, 2009

Laugh at the possiblity of regular exercise

I have been starting a regular exercise regimen for the past 20 years. I usually begin AGAIN after making a large purchase of the latest and greatest piece of exercise equipment designed to make me look like a perfect size 6 in 4 easy payments. By the fourth payment, the piece of equipment is dusty in my way.

I also begin a regular exercise routine each time I purchase a new DVD with a fit and trim instructor on the cover. This purchase usually happens late at night when infomercials are the only things on the television. They need to create a video that holds you accountable. I now have a collection of useless videos in various parts of the house.

A coworker got me interested in running. I began a program with a combination of running and walking, designed to help you increase gradually. Each evening I would run around a few blocks, come home unable to breath, seeing spots in front of my eyes, and feeling like I would loose my dinner. It is hard to make torture a part of your regular routine.

The questions I ponder today; Is there a perfect exercise routine out there? Do those ladies on the DVD's have perfect bodies, or is the cellulite just airbrushed? If so, can't I just borrow the airbrush?

I will continue my quest to find the perfect exercise, while watching my muscles shrink and my cellulite grow. If by chance I find it, I will be sure to share the news with everyone (including those poor movie stars who find their cellulite posted on the cover of People magazine).

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